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FOUR STARTERS (ALL INCLUDED): Salmon and avocado salad, DO ham from Teruel, Akara cod fritter and stew croquette MAIN DISH (TO CHOOSE): Espencat de...


THREE STARTERS (ALL INCLUDED): "cuaRte." salad with prawns. Codfish akara fritter and stew croquette MAIN DISH (TO CHOOSE): Espencat de capellanets coke or sausage coke THREE STARTERS (ALL INCLUDED):...


TWO STARTERS (BOTH INCLUDED): "cuaRte." salad with prawns and stew croquette MAIN DISH (TO CHOOSE): Espencat de capellanets cake or sausage cake THREE MINIPOSTRES: Assortment of three different types of...


Each element of the dish is designed to offer a harmonious taste experience full of interesting contrasts.


Product and product: the best denomination of origin of white pork ham in Spain with a cheese that has won a top international award.


Cod carpaccio topped with toppings that traditionally accompany it in peninsular stews.


Sprouts, smoked salmon, avocado, yuzu caviar, hazelnuts, olive soil and dill vinaigrette.


An exercise in rebellion, it is always recommended to dress salads with a top quality extra virgin olive oil, the dressing is based on a fried oil, compensating for the loss of quality from the dissociation of the fatty acids in the oil with the flavour of the fried shrimp shells and heads. The base of the dressing could not be more Spanish, that of the garlic prawns. The coconut crisp evokes the taste of Nigerian coconut caramel.


Fusion of traditional Nigerian fritter and Spanish codfish.aaSsa


Japanese vegetable tempura and aubergine with cane honey are not far from each other. We spice the romaine with hummus flavours and offset the ultra-sweetness of the cane honey with the ultra-saltyness of the cured sheep's milk cheese flakes.