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cuarte restaurant

Mediterranean and Coincidence Cuisine

At cuaRte. we work with both traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern touches when required, as well as what we call match cooking.

We work on culinary coincidenceThe fact that we are looking for recipes with similarities to dishes from our own gastronomy in distant parts of the world makes it possible to integrate them in a familiar way to our palate because of those same reminiscences.

We focus on the geographical coincidenceThis occurs when different cultures or their most representative products have come into contact in a specific location and merged.

We offer you this experience in our restaurant hoping to become one of your favourites.

Culinary Coincidence
Geographical coincidence
match cooking
What we offer

Redefining meat and fish dishes


for our customers

& respecting tradition.

Arturo Civera comes to the centre of Valencia after two previous projects in peripheral neighbourhoods with which it was satisfied.

Its cuisine has a Mediterranean flavour, which is reflected in the incorporation of traditional Valencian dishes with quality ingredients on the menu.

He uses this Mediterranean taste as a sieve to incorporate dishes from international cuisine, as Arturo has been travelling and spending time in Africa for the last twenty years, specifically in NigeriaThis has made him particularly sensitive to the phenomena of international fusion that have occurred in the wake of the colonial event.

He has been able to witness at first hand the evolution of the cuisine of that country with imported concepts that had to be reinvented in order to be accepted. This is what he calls coincidence cuisine.

He also finds it coincidental and worthy of being included in his menu, that distant points of the planet have similar dishes.

Arturo's cuisine is informal and modern, in what he defines as the rearguard of the avant-garde, a somewhat less daring cuisine than the most "in" trend, with less risky flavours as the dishes reflect those fusion phenomena that have been working for some time now in different countries and which he brings to the restaurant as long as they are perfectly compatible with the palate of the Valencian coast.

Arturo's cuisine is a cuisine in which the dishes are the result of painstaking work of curiosity, documentation and historical study.

Arturo Civera

Chef Manager