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Squid Bao with ink mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce (see more).

Rediscover the flavours of childhood with our innovative Bao de calamares, inspired by the traditional calamari sandwiches of the festive Fallas in the Convento-Jerusalem area.

This dish is a real play of texturessquid dipped in a panko batter that makes for an unforgettable crunch, contrasting beautifully with the softest bread imaginable, the tender bao.

We elevate this experience with a creative squid ink mayonnaise, which not only intensifies the taste of the sea, but also evokes memories of classic Japanese okonomiyaki.

To complete this fusion of flavours, we add tonkatsu sauce, adding a sweet and umami touch, and top it off with raw spring onion for freshness and a crunchy contrast.

Each mouthful is a celebration of memory and culinary innovation, a tribute to Valencian and Japanese traditions that intertwine to delight the palate.