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Prawn and coconut salad (see more).

Sprouts, smoked salmon, avocado, yuzu caviar, hazelnuts, olive soil and dill vinaigrette.

In a bold exercise in culinary rebellion, our chef reinvents the traditional way of dressing salads, opting for an innovative approach that defies convention.

This dish revolves around a unique rub prepared with fried oil, an unconventional method that intensifies flavours and textures. This oil is infused with the intense umami flavour of fried prawn shells and heads, masterfully compensating for the loss of fatty acids typical of the frying process, and resulting in a dressing of deep character and flavour.

The base of the dressing is inspired by the iconic Spanish recipe for garlic prawns, paying homage to the traditional roots of Spanish gastronomy, but with a contemporary twist.

Added to this rich blend is an innovative coconut crisp, which not only adds texture but also evokes reminiscences of Nigerian coconut caramel, a traditional sweet that fuses the sweet, toasted flavours of coconut with an exotic twist.

Every bite of this salad is not only a delight for the palate, but also a culinary journey that crosses borders from Spain to Nigeria, combining techniques and flavours in unexpected ways. Ideal for those in search of a gastronomic experience that challenges their expectations and expands their culinary horizons.