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Lamb stew.(see more)

Our lamb stew, a dish that captures the essence of Spanish gastronomic tradition, elevated to culinary perfection.

Each bite is infused with an amalgam of deep flavours, thanks to our made-from-scratch sauce, which combines ripe tomatoes, selected garlic, fragrant onions and sweet peppers.

Our distinctive touch comes from selected spices such as smoked paprika, bay leaf and fresh thyme, which intertwine to create layers of flavour that will resonate with every taste. We accompany this stew with tender potatoes, cooked in the same stew, to absorb every note of the complex flavour profile.

We serve this signature dish in its most authentic form, with artisan bread on the side, ideal for enjoying our rich and robust sauce. Lamb stew is not just a dish; it is a culinary experience that celebrates heritage and simplicity, transformed into edible art.