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Hamburger with fried ripe plantain and Nigerian scrambled eggs (see more).

Explore a delicious convergence of cultures with our innovative burger, where culinary traditions from different corners of the world meet to create something uniquely delicious.

Inspired by the classic Hamburg-style steak, brought to America by German immigrants and turned into an icon of American cuisine, this burger takes the experience one step further.

We combine the traditional steak flavour with a Nigerian scrambled egg, typically served as breakfast and composed of fresh egg and crispy onion, which is perfectly integrated into our burger, offering a unique juiciness and flavour.

We also add plantain, adding a sweet, tropical touch that contrasts beautifully with the smoky flavour of the bacon and the rich depth of the melted gouda cheese.

Every component of our burger has been carefully selected to offer you a culinary experience that not only satisfies the appetite, but also delights the palate with its bold blend of flavours.