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German hot dog (see more)

Our gourmet version of an American classic with a distinctly German twist.

Although the hot dog is a mass phenomenon in the United States, the dish has its roots in the German culinary tradition, brought by emigrants who introduced sausages to the new land.

In our interpretation, we return to those origins with ingredients emblematic of German cuisine, transforming the hot dog concept into a celebration of authentic German flavour.

Our Doggy is made with a premium quality sausage, rich in spice and flavour, bathed in a sweet and spicy currywurst sauce, wrapped in a soft and fluffy bun.

We complement this delicacy with crispy bacon strips, providing an irresistible texture and smoky flavour, and top it off with fresh, slightly acidic sauerkraut, which balances the richness of the meat and adds a refreshing touch.

This dog is not just a hot dog, but a tribute to the deep roots of German cuisine, masterfully adapted for the modern palate and presented as a masterpiece of contrasts and complex flavours.